International leader in research and practice.

CGIFOS was founded in 2006 as an independent research and consulting institute headquartered in Stuttgart by U. Eppinger, MBA Harvard, RA Dr. R. Fischer, Prof. Dr. K. Rechkemmer and Dipl. Ing. P. Rechkemmer. We are the internationally leading pioneer in the field of the Internal Quality and its management. Our vision is a world with good Internal and External Quality. Our mission is to contribute to this with leading expertise and powerful tools. Our claim is excellence in research and practice. We coined the term Internal Quality in 2012. MIQ has been further developed to its current maturity. For strategic reasons, the CGIFOS practice was initially focused on the health and social care sector in Germany. Applications in other industries were added. As the next development step, the international rollout of MIQ is planned together with strategic partners.



Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht Verlage
Göttingen, seit 1735
Veröffentlichung, Mai 2020

MIQ - Management Innerer Qualität
Für die Krankenhausleitung - zum Vorteil aller

Krankenhausmamagement im 21. Jahrhundert
Das Phänomen der Inneren Qualität: Die Probleme der Praxis und deren Lösung.

Teamqualität bestimmt Arbeitsplatzqualität
Warum das Verständnis der Arbeitsplatzqualität, wie es den bislang gängigen Mitarbeiterbefragungen zum Arbeitsklima und Arbeitgebersiegeln, wie Grossartiger Arbeitsplatz oder Mitarbeiterchampion etc., zugrunde liegt, dringend abzulösen ist.

Are you interested in a career in the MIQ area? We look forward to hearing from you. As a CGIFOS expert, you have the opportunity to turn your enthusiasm for state-of-the-art business analysis into professional success. CGIFOS offers you a highly inspiring and motivating opportunity for this. You can expect highly attractive tasks in the field of business analysis and modern communication instruments, a state-of-the-art infrastructure with tailor-made tools and a collegial and professional environment that will inspire you. As a CGIFOS Senior you will have successful management and consulting experience as well as excellent professional competence and personal integrity. Shape your professional life successfully with a fascinating product. Change the world with MIQ.


Pioneer and market leader. We are the pioneer of the concept of Internal Quality and its management. Our claim is to be the international leader in this field in research and practice.

Convincing benefits and enthusiastic customers. We support our customers with leading expertise and powerful instruments. We distinguish ourselves through sound experience and knowledge in management theory and practice, convincing organizational and analytical instruments as well as unconditional commitment to our tasks.

From concept to solution - competence and responsibility in one hand. We provide full service MIQ support and act as trustees for our customers and their employees.

Uncompromising excellence. We continuously improve our structures and processes, instruments and programs.

Our partners and employees are our most important capital. We attach great importance to the selection and development of our partners and employees. We encourage and demand entrepreneurial thinking and action, which includes participation in success.

Social commitment. We combine successful entrepreneurship with social commitment, practice-oriented research and responsible implementation.