Good Internal Quality to the benefit of all –
customers, employees, organization, society.

CGIFOS Institute GmbH is an independent research and consulting firm located in Stuttgart, Germany. We are the pioneer in the field of Internal Quality and its management and claim to be the international leader in this field. CGIFOS was founded in 2006 by Prof. Dr. Kuno Rechkemmer, Uwe Eppinger, MBA Harvard, RA Dr. Roderich Fischer, and Dipl. Ing. Patricia Rechkemmer. The term Internal Quality was coined in 2012. Solutions for the management of Internal Quality were already available, then, and have since been further developed to today´s maturity.


Are you interested in a career in the MIQ area? We look forward to hearing from you. As a CGIFOS expert, you have the opportunity to turn your enthusiasm for state-of-the-art business analysis into professional success. CGIFOS offers you a highly inspiring and motivating opportunity for this. You can expect attractive tasks in the field of business analysis and modern communication instruments, a state-of-the-art infrastructure with tailor-made tools and a collegial and professional environment that will inspire you. As a CGIFOS consultant you will apply your management and consulting experience as well as your excellent professional competences and personal integrity. Shape your professional life successfully with a fascinating product. Improve the world with MIQ.


Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht Verlage
Göttingen, since 1735
May 2020