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CGIFOS supports the implementation of MIQ with leading expertise and specifically developed and powerful instruments. Central services are:

The operational backbone of every solution is the periodic IQ measurement. The process is accompanied and supported by training programs on Internal Quality and its management. Only if the employees are familiar with the characteristics and demands of Internal Quality can they also understand why good IQ is relevant. And only if they know the requirements of MIQ and know what it means and comprises, they can contribute effectively.


Early warning system
A service company is developing into new business fields focused on External Quality. According to common balance sheet and reporting figures, success is initially convincing. Suddenly problems arise. The measurement of Internal Quality is commissioned. It shows: The IQ of the organization is bad. With the focus on External Quality, the negative development of IQ not only remained unrecognized, but was also substantially catalyzed. If the IQ had been measured, the critical development could have been recognized early. So considerable corporate substance and financial strength is lost.

Economic success
A hospital in public ownership introduces MIQ. The IQ situation is measured for the first time. The management estimates the costs of the current reductions in its Internal Quality at around ten percent of sales. Problem factors are: Sick leave, fluctuation, closures of wards/beds, OR closures, contract physicians, loss of services, OR capacity utilization, deficits in structures and processes. It is assumed that with MIQ 50 percent of these costs can be saved within 3 years. After many years of losses, a positive result is thus not only achieved for the first time again, but it is also expected that sale or closure of the hospital can become avoided.

Reevaluation through measurement
A municipal administration conducts team and communication trainings on a broad scale. The feedback of the participants is very positive. The programs are rated as a success. The follow-up measurement of IQ shows a more differentiated picture. In those areas where IQ is already good, the measures had a positive effect. In contrast, in those areas where IQ is bad, the measures had a negative effect. In other words, the positive effect did not materialize in precisely those areas where improvements were hoped for. If IQ had not been measured, the programs would still be considered a success and critical problems would remain unresolved.


MIQ - one of the best we have launched this year.
Chairman of the board of a social institution with over 2,000 employees

We must start with MIQ today so that we are prepared in good time for the clearly foreseeable requirements of the future.
Managing director of a hospital with over 1,200 employees

MIQ - intensive way of exchange, important process, powerful instrument of change.
Personnel manager of a city administration with more than 1,600 employees

Our efforts on the personnel side are enormous. With MIQ, we now finally know what arrives at the operational levels.
Member of the board of a chain of retirement homes with over 1,000 employees

Outstanding Internal Quality - our weapon in the War for Talents.
Managing director of a consulting company with approx. 300 employees

Partly we were already aware of the problems in advance. But now we have concrete numbers and indications. Now we can tackle them with much more vigor and in a more targeted manner.
Managing director of an industrial company with over 800 employees

Internal Quality will be the topic of the future.
Managing director in a university hospital with over 12,000 employees