Effective and efficient.
More than convincing cost-benefit ratio.

CGIFOS supports the implementation of MIQ with leading expertise and fieldproven powerful tools. Education and training programs complement the process. Measures beyond the core competence of CGIFOS are realized together with strategic partners as a ≪solution from one source≫. We would be pleased to get to know your requirements and provide you with an optimal solution according to your needs.


MIQ - one of the best we have launched this year.
CEO of a social institution with 2,000 employees

We must start with MIQ today so that we are prepared in good time for the clearly foreseeable requirements of the future.
CEO of a hospital with 1,200 employees

MIQ - intensive way of exchange, important process, powerful instrument of change.
HR director of a city administration with 1,600 employees

Our efforts on the personnel side are enormous. With MIQ, we now finally know what arrives at the operational levels.
CEO of a chain of retirement homes with 1,000 employees

Outstanding Internal Quality - our weapon in the War for Talents.
Managing partner of a consulting firm with 400 employees

Partly we were already aware of the problems in advance. But now we have concrete numbers and indications. Now we can tackle them with much more vigor and in a more targeted manner.
COO of an industrial company with 800 employees

Internal Quality will be the topic of the future.
Topmanager of a university hospital with 12,000 employees