Value by values.
Decisive improvement of standard operations
as well as change and transformation.


The term Internal Quality (IQ) is used to describe the quality of the value-oriented behavior of an organization"s employees in the performance of their tasks. The focus is on categories such as customer orientation, use of resources, collegiality, leadership. Good IQ is of critical importance for the quality and success of an organization. Who wants to work with a company with poor IQ, who wants to be a customer there? In practice, the effort to achieve good IQ is often huge. Nevertheless, deficits are the rule. The core systems of management have a gap in relation to Internal Quality. This gap is closed with MIQ Management of Internal Quality. IQ is measured. And what can be measured can also be steered. Agility and resilience, job satisfaction and commitment, productivity and performance increase. MIQ is relevant for all medium and large, private and public organizations: companies, public administrations, hospitals, etc. Based on our experience, the quality and success reserves regarding standard operations identified with the first IQ measurement are in the range of 10 to 15% of turnover. In addition, there are the benefits with respect to change. Many programs have so far failed to meet expectations; the industry talks of 70%. With MIQ, a new era begins.

The quality of our companies determines the quality of our economy - ultimately the quality of our society as a whole. The CGIFOS concept of Internal Quality and its management starts here with an innovative solution. New challenges and opportunities are opening up. The potential is significant.
Gerhard Ziegler, CPA
Senior Executive Partner, BANSBACH GmbH
President, Chamber of Auditors, Germany

When crises have the aftertaste of disaster, there is hope that alternative solutions will be considered. I believe that the future of care lies in strengthening its internal quality. Management Internal Quality (MIQ) is a new solution that - according to my firm conviction after more than 40 years of experience in nursing and quality management - will open up decisive economic potential and set new standards in employee orientation as well as in competition.
Marie-Luise Müller
Senior Executive, Nursing and Quality Management
Honorary President, German Nursing Council

WMIQ – the European answer for the US and Chinese challenge
Senior executive of a global corporation
headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany