Value by values.
Decisive improvement of standard operations
as well as change and transformation.


The quality of the behavior of employees in the performance of their tasks - referred to here as Internal Quality (IQ) - is a critical success factor of organizations. MIQ – Management of Internal Quality supports the management of medium-sized and large, private and public organizations by integrating IQ. The IQ-grade is measured. And what is measured can also be steered. The benefits are significant. Standard operations as well as change and transformation are decisively improved. The solution is practice-proven. New pioneering opportunities open up in challenging times – economically, socially, ecologically.

The quality of our companies determines the quality of our economy - ultimately the quality of our society as a whole. The CGIFOS concept of Internal Quality and its management starts here with an innovative solution. New challenges and opportunities are opening up. The potential is significant.
Gerhard Ziegler, CPA
President (ret.), Chamber of Auditors, Germany

When crises have the aftertaste of disaster, there is hope that alternative solutions will be considered. I believe that the future of care lies in strengthening its internal quality. Management Internal Quality (MIQ) is a new solution that - according to my firm conviction after more than 40 years of experience in nursing and quality management - will open up decisive economic potential and set new standards in employee orientation as well as in competition.
Marie-Luise Müller
Senior Executive, Nursing and Quality Management
Honorary President, German Nursing Council

WMIQ – the European answer for the US and Chinese challenge
Senior executive of a global corporation
headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany